Marine Military Expos


Who are the key people I should contact for questions?

Show Director, Alex Hetherington,
Booth Sales/Sponsorships, Jaymie Nielsen,
Billing/Sales, Bridgette Barr,
Operations (booth questions/shipping/registration), Sarah Wilson (Marine West or Marine South) or Andrea Nielson (Modern Day Marine)

Where do I send my booth or sponsorship payment?

Contact Bridgette Barr for the address:

What should I do if I have a billing question?

Contact our sales coordinator, Bridgette Barr:

What is the Marine Corps League?

It is the largest nonprofit organization of former Marines with almost 100,000 members. For more information on joining the League, visit the website at

What is the difference between the three events? How big is each one?

Marine West and Marine South are end-user events; sponsored by the host base, the goal is to get the deployable units of all rank-and-file to interface with industry. Marine West and Marine South average about 175-200 vendors, and 3500 attendees. Modern Day Marine is co-sponsored by the Marine Corps Systems Command – the procurement command of the Marine Corps – and designed to be a systems-level show where industry can interface with the requirements and procurement experts in the Marine Corps. Modern Day Marine has been held annually for over 30-years and averages about 500 vendors and 8,000 attendees. Given the proximity to Washington, DC, Modern Day Marine attracts a broader array of attendees from the larger DOD community, all service branches, and a distinct international presence.

What is the attire for the Expos?

For military, it’s uniform of the day (utilities typically). For the exhibitors and attendees, it’s business attire (but jacket-and-tie not required). Please note that Marine West and Marine South are definitely more casual settings – a collared shirt and slacks is absolutely fine. For the Modern Day Marine Grand Banquet at the Ritz-Carlton the dress is Evening/Dinner Dress for military and black-tie for civilians.

What are the three events?

Marine West at Camp Pendleton, CA (near San Diego), held in the winter; Marine South at Camp Lejeune, NC (north of Wilmington, NC…about 2hrs from Raleigh-Durham) held in the spring; and our oldest and largest event Modern Day Marine, held every fall at Marine Corps Base, Quantico, Quantico, VA, about thirty minutes south of Washington, DC.

So the events are outside? What happens if it rains?

The events are held under massive industrial tents that have flooring, lighting, electricity, etc. So if it rains, you will be fine indoors – the outdoor booths just have to bear it like true Marines! As the saying goes, “if it ain’t raining, we ain’t training”!

Is there a way to save money?

Yes – order your services early and ship to the advanced warehouse. Also, if you have a 10×10 booth, bringing your own materials by-hand will save on drayage/shipping costs. A number of vendors sell portable 10×10 pop-up displays.

How much do the shows costs?

Generally speaking, a standard indoor 10×10 trade show booth will cost $3100 at Marine West and Marine South. Prices are based on a square footage basis, so larger spaces are simply multiplied by the amount of space required. Please note that a basic booth package is included in the price at Marine West and Marine South (10×10 carpet, 6ft skirted table, 2 chairs, wastebasket).  Electric is not included – and needs to be ordered via the Exhibitor Resource Center/Kit on the website. A standard booth at Modern Day Marine costs $4500 but please note that a booth package is not included in the price; accordingly, booth services must be purchased via the service kit. A Modern Day Marine booth package (10×10 carpet, 6ft skirted table, 2 chairs, and 1 electric drop (110)) costs about $800 and is paid directly to the service provider, Hargrove Inc.

How do I ship things to the show?

Via the website and the Exhibitor Resource Center/Kit. You will find shipping labels in the Kit for both pre-show and direct-to-show shipping.

How do I pick the booth location?

The website will have current floorplans available. Note: that the floorplans can change so always double-check on a booth you select. You may also write “best available” on the contract and we will give you, in our judgement, the best spot we have.

How do I exhibit at the show?

Fill out the exhibit space contract and scan/email to or or FAX to 1-703-291-4730.

How do I book a hotel room?

Via the website hotel information rates and availability are listed under Hotel/Travel.

Does it cost anything just to walk the floor?

There is no cost to walk to floor unless you are a manufacturer. Uniformed Marines do not need to register for a badge. Retailers, Retired Marine’s (who are not manufacturers) and Contracting Officials may register at no charge. Manufacturers not exhibiting at the event must register and will be charged a non-exhibiting manufacturer fee. See policy below.

Marine Military Expos Non-Exhibiting Manufacturer, Supplier or Producer Policy (NONEX): Expo floor registration is open to industry professionals only. Manufacturers and certain distributors/suppliers who do not exhibit in the show will be charged $300 admission to the show floor. Badges will be limited to five (5) from any approved NONEX company. NONEX’s can attend a Marine Military Expo for one (1) year to evaluate the event for future participation. Access to the show by NONEX’s will be limited to executive level personnel only – no sales titles. Consistent with our current policy, approved or unapproved NONEX’s will not be allowed under any circumstance to hold offsite events at show appointed hotel properties. Marine Military Expos reserves the right to accept or reject registrations and to cancel any previously accepted reservations, at any time, at its sole discretion, without liability to the registrant or any other party. This policy was instituted to maintain the professional environment of the show, while protecting the interests of our attendees and exhibitors.

Do I need to register for a badge if I’m active duty military?

No, all active duty and retired military do not need to register in advance or on-site for a badge unless you are staffing an exhibit booth.

Can I set the booth up on my own or will union labor be present?

Generally speaking, for smaller booths (10x10s, 10x20s), setting-up on your own will not be a problem particularly at Marine West and Marine South. However, Modern Day Marine is such a large show with so many moving parts, safety is paramount and union labor is required in some instances, like when you’re spotting a vehicle. If you have any questions, contact show management before the show.

Are we charged drayage at the show?

Yes, at standard trade show rates and it is billed directly from the service provider (GES at Marine West; Hargrove Inc. at Marine South and Modern Day Marine).

Are there sponsorship options?

Yes, we have a lot of great sponsorship options – please see the sponsorship menu via the webpage for each show.

Are there some special things I shouldn’t miss that I’m entitled to as an exhibitor?

Yes; in particular, we have 1-on-1 meetings at Modern Day Marine between program managers from Marine Corps Systems Command and industry – each product group in represented. The POC from your company that signed-up for the show will receive an email in late August regarding the meetings. There is also a black-tie event at the Ritz-Carlton during Modern Day Marine and other events like the Young Marines golf tournament at Marine Corps Association dinners during Marine West and Marine South – information for those events are available on the webpage for each event.

Are there different price options?

Yes – we have outdoor and indoor prices (outdoor is about $5 less a square ft), smaller table tops, and a small business pavilion. Please contact Jaymie Nielsen if you have requirements outside the standard booth set-up. Email:

Are there any association costs required in order to exhibit?

No. Also note there are no registration fees, no limit on amount of registrations (i.e. as many employees and/or guests you want can register), no parking fees, and food on site is cheap!

What are Marine Military Expos?

We are three trade shows specifically aimed at the Marine Corps market. Notably, all three of our events are held on base, which greatly enhances the uniformed presence at our events. The mission of the shows is to assist the Marine Corps to identify and procure the best products and services to help their warfighting efforts and to promote the message of the Marine Corps League.

Who are Marine Military Expos approve vendors?

Marine Military Expos partners with the below vendors to provide services:

a2z – Official Show Planner/Floorplan Vendor

Hargrove – Official Decorator

onPeak – Official Housing Vendor

Experient – Official Registration Vendor

Reach Marketing – Exclusive List Vendor

February 7 - 8, 2019
Marine Corps Base
Camp Pendleton, CA

April 11 - 12, 2019
Marine Corps Base
Camp Lejeune, NC

Sep 25 - 27, 2018
Marine Corps Base
Quantico, VA