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The theme “Modern Day Warfighter: Ready, Lethal, Adaptable” is derived from current strategic and conceptual guidance.  Today’s warfighters cannot expect success waging tomorrow’s conflicts with yesterday’s processes, equipment or thinking.  We must give commanders more integrated Navy-Marine Corps capabilities in all five domains while providing Marines at the tactical edge the best lethal overmatch this nation can offer.  In order to expand the joint force global competitive space the Marine Corps community of interest must foster innovative solutions for manning, training, and equipping  a more ready, lethal and adaptable force of Marines.

Modern Day Marine will host a variety of timely and topical Service Level content at the Industry Briefing Center.

September 25 (Tuesday)

Marine Corps Planning Briefs to Industry

September 26-27 (Wednesday and Thursday)

A series of MCCDC/CD&I Major Subordinate Element (MSE) led presentations and panel discussions focused on the theme: The Modern Day Warfighter: Ready, Lethal, Adaptable.

Panel discussion/presentations topics include:

  • The Future Operating Environment
  • Force 2025/Sea Dragon/Close Combat Lethality Task Force
  • Emerging Requirements
  • Rapid Acquisitions/Alternative Approaches to Innovation
  • Marine Corps Synthetic Training Environment (MCSTE)


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