Marine Military Expos

Brief to Industry

Marine Corps Systems Command and PEO-Land Systems will host a Planning Brief to Industry on Tuesday, 25 September from 1000-1230. This will take place at the Industry Briefing Center at the show.

One-on-One Meetings with Program Managers

Meeting request sign ups have now closed. 

This is a unique opportunity that allows exhibitors an in person meeting with Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) and the Program Executive Office key personnel. Programs include:

  • PfM GCES – Ground Combat Element Systems (GCES)
  • PfM LCES – Logistic Combat Element Systems (LCES)
  • PfM CES – Command Element Systems (CES)
  • PfM SES – Supporting Establishment Systems (SES)
  • PM TRASYS Training Systems  
  • PM Wargaming
  • PEO Land Systems (LS)

If you are unsure which PfM you should visit with, please send your product description and POC information to:

Your info will be reviewed by the Program Managers, meetings will be arranged at their discretion and take place on Wednesday or Thursday in your booth or a mutually agreeable location.

More information about the Marine Corps Systems Command Program Offices can be found under the “Portfolios and Programs” tab at