Marine Military Expos

Brief to Industry

Marine Corps Systems Command and PEO-Land Systems will host a Planning Brief to Industry on Tuesday, 25 September from 1000-1200. This will take place at the Industry Briefing Center at the show.

One-on-One Meetings with Program Managers

Sign up information coming soon!

Industry reps will be asked to provide: company name, topic, booth location, and point of contact. The meetings will take place on Wednesday or Thursday, 26-27 September, either at the vendor’s booth or a mutually agreeable location.

Here is an example of the process: 1) You are a company rep and you want to meet with PfM GCES; 2) you attend Session 1; 3) you sign up for a meeting with PfM GCES after the brief; 4) a representative from that program office contacts you by phone/email) and arranges to meet at your booth or other agreed-upon location at a set time on Wednesday/Thursday.  Since there is a short time to coordinate these meetings, please ensure you have timely access to respond when a PfM representative contacts you.

More information about the Marine Corps Systems Command Program Offices can be found under the “Portfolios and Programs” tab.

More information about Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD) active opportunities and advance planning briefs to industry can be found under the “Business Opportunities” tab.

If you are unsure which PfM you should visit with or if you are unable to attend the Planning Brief to Industry but would still like to meet with a PfM office, please email